Celebrating Christmas (2021)

On this page, you can watch the video stream for each of the three parts of the series at 7:00 PM Pacific Time on December 9th (part 1), December 16th (part 2), and December 23rd (part 3).

Lecture notes for each of the three parts are available now and can be accessed by clicking on the appropriate images below.

Notes for Part 1

Notes for Part 2

Notes for Part 3

Watch the Replay of the Sessions for December 9th and 16th:
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  • In the first video, Dr. Graves introduces the topic of the Incarnation and discusses this miracle with Drs. Hammonds and Owens.
  • The second video contains the presentation by Dr. Hammonds on the reliability of the New Testament birth narratives and his conversation with Drs. Owens and Graves.
“Christmas and the Miracle of the Incarnation” with Dr. Graves
“Christmas and the Reliability of the NT” with Dr. Hammonds

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