Agreeing with God: the Spiritual Discipline of Confession

Presenter: Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

Confession is an important biblical practice. We can confess faith in Jesus Christ or confess sins or confess the truth of God’s Word. In the New Testament, the verb “confess” is based on the Greek word homologeo, which comes from the combination of the words homos, meaning “the same,” and lego, meaning “to speak.”  So, to confess, in the New Testament literally means to speak the same thing, or to agree with.  The spiritual discipline of confession is the regular and intentional practice of coming into agreement with God; that is, saying the same thing that God says.

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Video Presentation on Confession
In this video, Dr. Graves introduces the topic of biblical confession. If you like this video, please subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking on the red button at the bottom right of the video (while playing).

“The Spiritual Discipline of Confession” with Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

Conversation on Confession
The following video contains a conversation on the topic of confession by the Three Bible Teachers.

“Conversation on Self-Examination” with the Three Bible Teachers

Session 23 of “Healthy Habits of the Christian Life”
The video links for this session are below. Please follow these links to choose the section of the class that you wish to view.

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
2. Video Presentation on Confession (same as above)
2. A Conversation on Confession by the Three Bible Teachers (same as above)
3. Zoom Class Discussion, Homework, and Final Remarks (see embedded video below)

Class Discussion, Homework, and Final Remarks (10-22-20)

Homework on Confession
The homework assignment from Dr. Graves can be found below. If you are especially blessed by this assignment, or any other assignment from the class, please send an email describing your experience to Also, feel free to email us at any time with your testimonies.

  1. Sometimes it is good to remind ourselves of who God is. In the presentation video, Dr. Graves offered a list of eight true statements about God upon which to meditate and to confess. For homework, you are invited to create your own list of true statements to declare throughout the week. What effect do these declarations have upon you?

  2. The first three chapters of Paul’s Letter to the Ephesians have a great deal to teach us about who we are in Christ and what we have in Christ.  For example, Ephesians 1:6 declares that believers are accepted in Christ and Ephesians 2:10 informs us that we are God’s masterpiece. The first three chapters of Ephesians, in particular, contain wonderful insight into our identity as believers. These statements can become a part of what we confess on a daily basis. Check out these wonderful confessions from Paul’s beautiful Epistle.

    Ephesians 1
    Ephesians 2
    Ephesians 3

  3. Read the following position paper on positive confession prepared by the Assemblies of God. What did you learn from this paper?


Quick Links:
Link to: Biblical Confession Power-Point Presentation
Link to: Chart of 52 Spiritual Disciplines
Link to: Website for Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

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