Listening Prayer Strategies

Presenter: Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

Prayer is personal communication with God in worship.  Its primary purpose is to help us enjoy vital fellowship with the Father, grow in Christ, and become Holy Spirit-empowered saints of God.  Prayer enables believers to contact God and receive his instructions. In this session of “Healthy Habits of the Christian Life,” we will focus on the spiritual discipline of listening prayer. Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr. will offer several strategies to guide you during your times of extended prayer.

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Video Presentation on Listening Prayer Strategies
In this video, Dr. Graves introduces 14 listening prayer strategies designed to help you draw closer to God and discern his will more clearly. If you like this video, please subscribe to his YouTube channel by clicking on the red button at the bottom right of the video (while playing). You may also “like” the video if you appreciate this presentation.

“Listening Prayer Strategies” with Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

Session 40 of “Healthy Habits of the Christian Life”
The video links for the Zoom session are below. Please follow these links to choose the section of the class that you wish to view.

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
2. Video Presentation by Dr. Graves (same as above)
3. Conversation with the Three Bible Teachers
4. Zoom Class Discussion and Final Remarks

Quick Links:
Link to: Listening Prayer Strategies Handout
Link to: Website for Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.


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