“The God Who Raised Jesus Christ from the Dead”

Presenters: Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr., Dr. Kenneth Hammonds, and Dr. Oscar Owens Jr.

Join the Three Bible teachers for two riveting conversations on the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Dr. Graves, Dr. Hammonds, and Dr. Owens will be presenting on the topic: The God Who Raised Jesus from the Dead: His Power, Knowledge, and Presence. In this class, we will discuss what the Resurrection means to each of us, and what it teaches us about God’s omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. From this conversation, you will be challenged to think about God in new and exciting ways!

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To watch last year’s Easter series, please CLICK HERE.

Class Session 64 with the Three Bible Teachers
The entire Zoom session from April 7, 2022 is available here.

“Reasons to Believe the Resurrection Really Happened” (2021)

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