“The Journey to Perfect Health”

Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Hammonds

Join the Three Bible teachers for another riveting conversation. Dr. Kenneth Hammonds will be presenting on the topic: The Journey to Perfect Health (12 Life-Changing Declarations for Physical Restoration and Renewal). This will be a biblically-based exposition and includes a peek at a personal testimony of God’s continuing physical restoration in the life of Dr. Hammonds. It may also be of assistance to you as you pursue your desire for optimal health.

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Class Session 62 with the Three Bible Teachers
This video contains the entire Zoom session from March 24, 2022.

“The Journey to Perfect Health” – Entire Zoom Class

Quick Links:
Link to: Twelve Life-Changing Declarations
Link to: Ebook by Dr. Hammonds
Link to: Website for Dr. Kenneth Hammonds

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