Discipline: the Core Habit

Presenter: Dr. Kenneth Hammonds

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Welcome, Prayer, and Introduction (Zoom Class)
This video contains the welcome, prayer, and introductory remarks from the Zoom class session held on April 9, 2020.

In the first video below, Dr. Hammonds discusses the meaning and purpose of discipline and argues that discipline is the key to any success in life. Consequently, a successful Christian life will also require believers to cultivate disciplined practices that promote their positive spiritual formation and overall well-being. Spiritual disciplines, in particular, will enable believers to create space for God and to become fully developed disciples of Jesus Christ. In the second video, the three Bible teachers engage in a lively conversation that centers around the topic of discipline presented in the first video.

Discipline: the Core Habit

Three Bible Teachers Discussion


Question and Answer Period

Assignment and Conclusion

Applying What Was Learned: Homework from Dr. Hammonds

1. Identify ONE area of your life in need of discipline.

  • Indeed, identify the greatest area of your life in need of discipline.
  • This may be an area in which you need more discipline and control OR an area that is out of control.
  • You have identified this need because you wish to grow and not be held back in your life.

2. Then after you have identified the area of your life in need of discipline, work on bringing it into control.


i. Pray to God for an understanding regarding how to get more disciplined in this area. Also, perhaps a trusted friend or ministry person can also assist you.

ii. Then take little steps to overcome it. “Inch by inch anything’s a cinch.”

iii. Each day do something to claim or show your mastery over that area.

iv. Each day PRAISE GOD for the victory – even if you don’t totally have it yet.

    Name it! Claim it! And work it!

v. Come back next week with your praise report for having the courage to even start this difficult task. Comments and praise reports may also be left in the reply section at the bottom of this blog.

A Message from Dr. Hammonds:
If someone wishes to speak with me personally regarding some hints for gaining discipline in a designated area, I am opened to coaching them on starting to master it for 15-20 minutes. However, it is ONLY open to the first five people who will call and leave a message in my coaching business line at: 213-444-3949.

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  1. I truly appreciate the knowledge that is being taught on discipline, and I so admire seeing Three Africian American Male Dr.’s teaching.

  2. You are assisting me how to properly frame my relationship with, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, I don’t think I could have done it without you!

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