A Biblical Look at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Part 1

“Let’s Look at the Evidence: Reasons to Believe the Resurrection Really Happened”

Presenter: Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

The Resurrection of Jesus Christ is the central miracle of Christianity and the main fact in support of its teachings. In this session, Dr. Graves kicks off a three-part Easter series with the Three Bible Teachers. His focus is on offering historical evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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Video Presentation by Dr. Graves
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“Reasons to Believe the Resurrection Really Happened” with Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

Class Session 37 with the Three Bible Teachers
The video links for the Zoom session are below. Please follow these links to choose the section of the class that you wish to view.

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
2. Video Presentation by Dr. Graves (same as above)
3. Conversation with the Three Bible Teachers
4. Zoom Class Discussion and Final Remarks

Quick Links:
Link to: Resurrection Handout
Link to: PowerPoint Presentation
Link to: Website for Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

One thought on “A Biblical Look at the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Part 1

  1. I am reiterating my suggestion that, in the future, you include a section in this series that addresses the physical proof of the resurrection. That is the capstone of the topic, e.g., the fact that there is physical evidence of the event. The observations of the Apostles staying the course under a sure death through horrific means, in coincidence with what else was submitted in the first section by Dr. Graves. God has left a powerful artifact in the Shroud of Turin. That image on the cloth is 3d holographic photographic negative on a 2d non-photosensitive cloth. What’s all the more stunning is that it only appears on the surface of the cloth. On that point I realize Dr. Graves had a lesson outline, and only a designated period of time to do the presentation. I surmise something could have been presented on this feature of the resurrection. Time was given for recognizing the presentation that this feature could have been addressed, to some extent at least. Notwithstanding, I stand firm in making my point, e.g., apologetics on the resurrection are not what they can be without this feature. Reasoning the resurrection’s elements is fine. The average biblical student knows most of that content, few have the slightest idea about the content of what’s known about the Shroud, despite the controversy that swirls in Satan’s effort to label it a hoax or something medieval. We must stand for what we know scientifically about the event. I’ve submitted one link in this, here’s another that’s quite interesting in its insight of the image on the cloth. The artifact is stunning, and should be a part of any lesson on the resurrection. That’s plain. That’s simple.

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