West Angeles Consecration (January 2023)

A consecration is a short season in which the people of God dedicate themselves to seeking him in special and focused ways.  You are invited to join Pastor Charles Blake II and the members of West Angeles Church in a month of consecration. Our January consecration will consist of corporate prayer and fasting (see Isaiah 58, Daniel 10:3, Matthew 4:2, Esther 4:16, etc.).

To fast is to give up food or food and drink for a period of time in order to focus on the Lord and hear him more clearly. The discipline of fasting is a form of self-denial that helps us to curb the appetites of the flesh and to submit ourselves to God.

When coupled with prayer, fasting can bring about all kinds of spiritual benefits including directionphysical healing, and freedom from demonic oppression. Fasting is also beneficial because: (1) It increases a sense of humility and dependence on God; (2) It seems to heighten mental and spiritual alertness; and (3) It often adds a depth of urgency to our prayer times.

If you have never gone on a fast, then I want to encourage you to consider doing so for even one or two meals. You may be surprised by the results of this simple act of commitment to the Lord. To download the West Angeles consecration guide for January 2023, please click on the link below:

Video Presentation on Self-Denial and the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting
In this video, Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr. discusses the importance of self-denial to being a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ. He concludes with some comments on the spiritual discipline of fasting, which is one example of self-denial. If you like this video, please subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking on the red button at the bottom right of the video (while playing). You may also “like” the video if you appreciate this presentation. Please sign up for this blog at the bottom of the page to be alerted of new posts by the Three Bible Teachers.

“Self-Denial and the Spiritual Discipline of Fasting” with Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

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