The Spiritual Discipline of Surrender

Presenter: Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

In this post we will explore the spiritual discipline of surrender. To surrender is to give up control. When we surrender to God, we abandon ourselves to his loving control over all things. To surrender to God is to recognize that we belong to him. It is to accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ over our lives. It is to say “Yes!” to him. Surrender is the only path to spiritual victory and fulfillment in life.

We hope that you enjoy the videos in this session. The first video is a short presentation of the topic by Dr. Graves. The second video is a recording of the entire Zoom class from last evening. May these videos inspire you to trust the Lord more deeply and surrender every area of your life to him.

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Video Presentation on Surrender
In this video, Dr. Graves introduces the spiritual discipline of surrender. This presentation can also be seen in the longer video below.

“The Spiritual Discipline of Surrender” with Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

Session 12 of “Healthy Habits of the Christian Life”
This video contains the entire Zoom Class from June 25, 2020. It consists of the following parts:

1. Welcome and Opening Remarks
2. “The Spiritual Discipline of Surrender” Video Presentation by Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.
3. Conversation on Video Presentation by the Three Bible Teachers
4. Zoom Class Discussion
5. Class Assignment, Conclusion, and Closing Prayer

“The Spiritual Discipline of Surrender” – Zoom Class (6-25-20)

Homework from Dr. Graves
1. Tell a family member or friend about what you learned from this teaching about the spiritual discipline of surrender.

2. What areas of your life have you been challenged to surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? Bring these areas before the Lord in your prayer time this week. Discuss your struggles with someone who will hold you accountable to your spiritual commitments.

3. If you have my book, In Pursuit of Wholeness, I encourage you to work through the prayer of surrender and commitment at the end of chapter 4.

4. Read the book Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray.  You can download a copy below.  What insights on surrender do you gain from this Christian classic?

Quick Links:
Link to: Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray
Link to: Chart of 52 Spiritual Disciplines
Link to: Website for Dr. Wilfred Graves Jr.

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